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"How You Can Build A Hyper- Responsive List 
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IAQuick AA Few WeeksEven If You 
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As Crazy As It Sounds, I’m About To Hand You The Exact 
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   Dear List Builder,

   My name is Ruth and I’m about to divulge some information that could lead you to having paydays for your business easy. By now I’m sure you’re already aware of the critical importance of having a list – not just any list but a big and responsive list.  

   You see, having a list is literally the lifeblood of any online business. It is literally a cash printing machine, every time you need some money, just copy and paste some text into your autoresponder, press send and watch the money roll in…

   Picture this…you wake up early in the afternoon. It's raining outside but you aren't bothered by the weather.

   There isn't any alarm clocks, deadlines, schedule and traffic jams to fight…all those don't affect you anymore…You brew a cup of coffee while you turn on your laptop.

   As you plant your lazy butt on your sofa and place the laptop in front of you…you login to your Clickbank account. Ahhh…A few hundred dollars made from sending that one email last night!

   You lean back against the sofa as the aroma of the coffee fills the air…this is it! You've made it!

   Wouldn't it be nice if you could do the same? In fact, there are hundreds of thousands peoplemaking that kind of 'easy money' all over the world!

"I Want To Build A List But…"

   The results are in, I’ve just done a poll on what problems affiliates like you are facing in terms of list building and here are the findings:

   Problem #1:  They want to know how to build a list quickly and easily – using preferably free methods.

   Problem #2: They want to know how to maintain a good relationship with their lists so that they will read their emails and basically buy pretty much whatever they recommend to them.

   Building an opt-in list is one thing, building an opt-in list that buys from you is another thing altogether!  

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What Is The ‘Traffic Dashboard’ Report and Video All About?

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