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Each of us has a dream. It drives us, gives us hope and even courage to keep moving forward. Sadly, some of us have had our dreams squashed, trampled on and even destroyed by life, others and even our own head.

Our Mission and Philosophy:

Changing lives one by one by using a powerful system that entails redefining your business, who you are, your dreams, with powerful coaching in the areas of  entrepreneurship, health, intellect, business, financial, spiritual and relationship. Instilling in others to discover their action plan in life and defining their purpose.  Whether an individual or a company our fundamental resources will acclimate major achievements in reaching impeccable results.


Cultivating millions of people to become successful entrepreneurs, increase profits for small businesses and providing state of the art business marketing strategies to out run their competitors. To focus on providing resources to enhance wisdom, and the freedom of enjoy everyday life.

Right Timing:

Ruth has been helping and working with people in every area of their life since 2002. Her passion is to empower millions of people to become true entrepreneurs,  and equipping small businesses to profit to millions in a expeditious way, enjoying everyday success  and live a healthy and reviving life of true wisdom in today’s economy.

"All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. " Walt Disney

I’ve walked through a lot of forgiveness and releasing to even be able to share this moment with you.

Let me make it very clear right here and now, that was not the first passion I pursued or the first challenge that became everything I would breathe, live and move towards. Big businesses, perfection as a mother, aiming to be the best wife who ever lived and more were equal pursuits that I ran after.Sadly, none ever gave me what I wanted. "I can’t get no satisfaction" was more than just a song in my life. It became my life. Until God realigned my heart, my mind and my passion to seek after things that were greater than me and quite frankly, didn’t even involve me. When making profits in business meant being able to rescue more babies out of starvation it became very apparent to me that any choice of ‘retreat’ and ‘rest’ would mean lack of food for them. As I sought to be better in my career, become a better person, get past my own pain, trauma and abuse and become all that I was designed by God Himself to be, the reality became, "It is not about you, Ruth." Where does your dream world lead you? Is it a bigger house? A faster car? More sex in a relationship that is always perfect?

What are you willing to do to get there?

I’m not saying nice houses, fast cars and hot passionate sex inside of marriage is wrong. Frankly the third one is a gift from God and one that more married couples need to enjoy, as often as possible. *wink* But the truth be told, even hot sex in marriage can’t satisfy when you don’t know who you are or what you were designed for.

Recently I pressed through some very thick walls, fears and disbelief.

Walking into a dream that was not planted there on my own, but by God, I had a desire to reach some incredible people with business. So, I took my bags, alone for the very first time and flew to Dallas Texas. I shared my life, my heart and the skills I’ve acquired in business in with many other people and also learned from one of the most top Gurus in Internet Marketing. To some casual observers it might have looked like I was high on cloud 9. And I was. But it was bigger than that. You see, because of my own disbelief and my own lack of confidence, years ago I attracted voices and people into my own life that would encourage me to only go so far, but to never compete with the experts. I was NOT allowed to be an expert. My own lack of belief in myself and my destiny brought in leaders who helped me get so far, but don’t ever go beyond that. It didn’t matter if it was in the religious world, the business world or wherever they showed up- they all gave me the courage to move far and wide, but to never go to expert. Never.

I blame no one for this sad reality.

It was just like all the other dysfunctional relationships I created in my life who conveniently helped me to fulfill my belief that going so-far was good enough. But in July of this year I was brought face to face with a reality I had forgotten about. My mentor, Dani Johnson reminded me that this might be about something much bigger than myself. I have gotten recommendations to read the book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, Dani encouraged me to never let my passion settle. She reminded me that the flaming drive inside of me was designed to impact the earth and those in it. This meant …..it’s not about me. Dani Johnson is one of the few mentors I’ve had in my life who not only spoke truth into my heart and spirit, but she also encouraged me to go farther than I ever thought was possible. She reminded me it would require work. Hard work, honestly. She also reminded me that sometimes she might have to give me tough love. But the fact remained she would enjoy nothing more than to see me go farther than she ever went. WOW. Take that thought in. A hugely successful trainer with no entitlement or control issues now comes into my life. I attracted the best this time! She told me I was very much an expert with my skill and results. That was I designed to do speaking, training and expert level coaching. Healing came. Forgiveness rose again and then….. my steps began moving forward.

What is your dream all about?

And who is it for?

It has to be bigger than your mortgage payment and just catching up on your bills. Whether you realize it or not God loves you, celebrates you and has a dream in your heart that was ignited when you were first born. With the very first cell that was created inside of your physical body…. a dream was planted. Life has watered and fertilized that dream. And of course… it most likely has also trampled on it. But that is a a part of the plan. ANY dream worth pursuing has challenges. There will be conflict and chaos. That’s what makes it so worth it. When you see it come to reality you’ll have memories of all you’ve gone through to get there. You’ll remember all the tears, the doubt, the fears and the blood, even, that it took to get there.

My desire is to see you move forward in your dreams.

My passion is to see your family live a dream life. But I have to tell you here and now, it will take work. You’ll need a good mentor. It doesn’t have to be me. You’ll need a community of like-minded people to support you, love you, encourage you along the way.

Who do you have?

If you’re still alone in this pursuit, we’re here for you. We are here to help you every step of the way. But you, my friend, have to move forward. You have to do the hard work.

You, and you alone, have to slay that bear all on your own .

What do you say?

Are you willing to live a life that goes beyond yourself? I hope so. Because if you do, it will be a life bigger than a dream!

Please give me your feedback and let’s do this together!




Do you keep a journal of your business career? It shouldn’t be separated from your personal dreams. I truly believe they are connected. Don’t let ANYONE tell you, no matter how successful they are, that you can’t have multiple things coming together that lead to the destiny of your life. It might take some mentoring and coaching to know how to bring them all together, but separating these passions would remove a part of who you are and what you were designed for. Begin journaling today. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be a place where you process things. It will impact you in a huge way. Write me about how it feels and where you are in your journalling process. I’d love to hear from you!

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Ruth is  the owner of Ruth Antoine McCrackin International (RAM International), She is a Motivational Speaker, Professional Life coach,  and a Financial Strategist who has inspired many men and women and empowered them to become successful Entrepreneurs (Professional Business Partners), and has coached others with their spirituality, relationship, physical and mental also with financial planning. We also offer business opportunities to self motivate, business minded people who are coachable, have a strong work ethic, passionate about helping others and have a desperate NEED to make a change in their finances. "It’s all about making others feel great and leaving a legacy to their family." Expert Ruth A McCrackin

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