Four Top Ways to Open Yourself to Your Life Purpose

  This may come to a surprise to some of you, and some this may just help sharpen what you already know. How many of you wish that you would […]


This may come to a surprise to some of you, and some this may just help sharpen what you already know. How many of you wish that you would of discovered this when you was 18! Continue reading and be blown on the 4 EASY steps to follow….


 All over the world, the most bogging question is what is my life’s purpose? Was I born just so I could die? Now, Knowing your life purpose, irrespective of where you are, in America, Europe, Asia or anywhere, is very important because it could mean the difference between being happy and living a long purpose driven life and living a short, unhappy and downtrodden life. Luckily, for those who can dedicate enough time to pinpointing their purpose for being alive, they will find the solution easy enough. It is not hard at all and anyway, it is worth it. See the four most important things to do below:


1.    Learn to recognize and listen to your inner voice. Many times, many people went astray because they did not care to act on that deep conviction that they felt, telling them that this is the way to go. This is what you should do and so forth. You can call it instinct, intuition, hunch or intense desire, but it is your best life coach and you know what – it is never wrong. Set time aside to listen to the inner voice, everyday if you can.


2.    Now, work takes a great deal of your life and as they say, that is just a fact of life, you know, there is nothing that you can do about it. Do not just do any job, and do not do it for the money. On the contrary, do it for the passion. This is part of your life purpose fulfillment. Therefore, you have to find your passion and train for a job that is akin to that. If you can love, cherish what you do every day, you will be surprised to find yourself living a very happy and satisfied life. Now, where satisfaction is present, personal success is inevitable.


3.    It is very well to know what your passion is and to pursue it in life. However, you need to decide what kind of person you want to become. This means that you have to contemplate and think deeply. You need to search widely because this is long term. You cannot decide to become one sort of person today and then after five years, you decide to become another sort of person. Would you like to become a person who counts in other people’s life? A person of integrity? A person of his/her own word? You know that the best part of clinching your life purpose is that it is within your means. Make a sound choice.


4.    Can you recognize when you are not satisfied? Can you recognize that you are not living your dream? Of course, when you know that it is not right, then ultimately you will seek ways to put it right. Again, you must not be daunted by the challenges of the day. On the contrary, they must make you stronger to face even bigger challenges that will eventually come your way in the future.


Those are just four things that you can build on to open yourself to your life purpose. There are more but you know what? The four are fair enough to start with. Become the person who is ruled by his/her destiny… and don’t forget to sign up to our Free Newsletter ABOVE!




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